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All new patients receive a thorough physical examination and if they meet criteria for total ankle joint replacement, they will be sent for a detailed CT scan to be used in preoperative planning.

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INFINITY® Ankle Implant

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"Within 30 days of my INFINITY® ankle joint implant I was walking in an ambulatory boot without pain and had greater range of motion in my ankle than I had prior to my surgery, and this motion was pain free"

                                      - Carole, Bayonne, New Jersey

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Ankle Joint Replacement

Do You have ankle joint pain or an arthritic ankle ?

Were you told you needed an ankle fusion, (Arthrodesis) ?  Total  ankle joint replacement could be your answer !!

The INFINITY® total ankle joint implant combined with the PROPHECY® preoperative navigation system produced by Wright Medical Technologies, Inc. allows for precise placement and alignment of the ankle implant, consistently by use of CT scan data and 3D laser printing technology.

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​INFINITY® PROPHECY® Total Ankle System produced by

Wright Medical Technologies, Inc.

"Restore motion, improve function and relieve pain"

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Ankle Joint Pain

Ankle and Foot Specialists of Hoboken, LLC treat ankle pain and ankle arthritis

Ankle and Foot Specialists of Hoboken, LLC ankle joint replacement

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